Afghanistan Emergency

Pangea is a foundation which has been operating in Kabul since 2003. What we have in Afghanistan is not just a project, it’s family.
We deeply care for all the female staff and we know every single female beneficiary as well as their children.
The project will have to change in the next few weeks, we have no choice.
We yet have to find out how, but the thing we are sure of is that Pangea will not abandon Afghanistan: it will continue to work for women and their children.
Our top priority now is to keep the Afghan staff safe, all the women who have bravely worked to help women during these years. Now they are all exposed to violence, rape and they may get killed.
We need to keep them safe in order to start helping women and children in Kabul as soon as possible.
Pangea’s project in Kabul is bothersome to the Taliban.
Pangea’s healthcare project is no use to the Taliban.
But it is an extremely important project to the women and their children in Kabul and we cannot leave them behind.
Pangea will be transparent and honest as usual and we will report what we collect to the last cent.
We will tell you the stories of the women and the children we’ll help.
And hopefully we will soon be able to show you pictures and videos where they smile again.

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This is Pangea

From 2002 to now,  about 40.000 women, their children and their families have started to live again and build a more peaceful future thanks to their courage and perseverance with Pangea and the people who believed that changing the world starting from people was possible. Women who went through the path towards the micro credit, the literacy courses, the health care, the establishment of their small company, the end of violence, who started to live and hope again.

All of this was possible thanks to those who believed and still believe in Pangea and thanks to those who want to support not only a project, but an idea, with commitment, excitement, ideas and funds, turning them into LIFE. Into LIVES.

This is Pangea.

And the FUTURE – we are sure – will be even better.

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