About Us

Pangea we are women, families, communities. Pangea we are all.

Pangea we are tens of thousands of women and families who have begun to live and feel an active part of the world again, thanks to the will, courage and projects that are based on the real aspirations and potential of people.

Pangea we are the desire and the need to change the world, changing the life of every single person, respecting human rights and fighting their violations.

Pangea we are many women who have transformed their lives and have come out of a daily life of violence and discrimination and, with their children, are rebuilding a new life.

Pangea we are advocating in institutions to cry out loud that discrimination and violence must be defeated.

Pangea we are dozens of local associations which, together, have rooted their actions in the territory.

Pangea we are thousands of people who, with awareness, have given help with their words, time and energy.

Pangea we are also you who are reading! Thank you for looking for and meeting us.

Afghanistan Emergency – The Project